Origin Story

Our co-founder Cameron Suorsa launched a weekly podcast earlier this year for the company he interned with. 

His boss Emily had been wanting to start a podcast for the past couple years but had never found the time to get it started. This was due to all of the complexities that surrounded recording, editing, distributing, and promoting episodes. He quickly found out that Emily was not alone. These are problems that all podcasters face, where they get sidetracked with the process rather than focusing on creating quality content that will build their brand.

And that’s when it hit him… Podcasters need a sidekick.

This is how our company sidekickk was born.

sidekickk is a podcast production agency that is committed to helping podcasters reach new heights. Whether they have an existing podcast, or need help getting off the ground, we can help them every step of the way. We offer services from basic editing to full scale management of your podcast where all you need to do is record episodes. 

Podcasters can select production packages based on how much help they need and the volume of episodes they plan to release. We also offer launch packages for those who are looking to start a new podcast. 

Currently, the team consists of Cameron Suorsa and Eric Dudgeon. We are both senior entrepreneurship majors at Grove City College and have been able to acquire several clients since the start of the school year. We have plans to recruit Grove City College students beginning this winter to allow our agency to take on more clients and offer additional services.

We are excited to build this agency to promote flourishing for podcasters and students alike. Because sooner or later, we could all use a sidekickk.


Starter Pack
$ 50 Per Episode
  • Add Intro/Outro
  • Removal of background noise
  • Removal of long pauses
  • Episodes < 45 minutes


Intermediate Pack
$ 75 Per Episode
  • Removal of basic filler words
  • Create thumbnail + Quotes
  • Suggest title/show notes


Ultimate Pack
$ 100 Per episode
  • Removal of advanced filler words
  • Transcript/Audiogram
  • Social media management

Headshots of Cam and I

Emily Melious
Business Owner/Podcaster